Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Vector

A Java App Store is simply music to my ears. Being an iPhone user and developer, the advantages of Apple's app store is crystal clear to me. Having a single vector to get apps onto my phone is pretty nice, having a service where I can publish apps and get them to millions of users is amazing.

It seems to me there are 3 primary costs involved in getting software or any content to market. The first being the cost of creating the application, paying developers and designers. The second is the cost advertisement and the third is the cost of deployment. By deployment I mean the cost of actually getting an app on to peoples computers, this used to include boxing up the software and getting stores to carry it. Now only the first two are issues.

Anyway, having a store that serves the entire desktop market is a huge market. I am more then happy to pay Sun to distribute my application. I only hope they allow anyone to put an app on their store, not just a select audience. From Jonathan Schwartz's blog, it does sound like Sun will be asking customers to pay for the privilege of appearing in their store. I sure hope this is limited to 'front page' apps.

I guess it is time to port my iPhone applications to JavaFX, got to be ready for the grand opening!

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Muhammad Umer said...

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