Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JavaFX Presentation

Last night I presented JavaFX to the Rochester Java Users Group ( It was a very receptive bunch of people, no experience with JavaFX but a lot of interest. That makes a great combination!

I put the presentation together with Google Docs, so here is the presentation without sound...

Here is a list of resource to help people get going with JavaFX:

The main JavaFX site.

JFXtras is a collection of open source libraries for JavaFX and an excellent mailing list.

Until I get my source code uploaded to JFXtras, the source from the presentation and my book can be found here: JavaFX Special Effects: Taking Java™ RIA to the Extreme with Animation, Multimedia, and Game Elements.

Last, Jim Weaver's blog is a good source for JavaFX news.

Looks like I will be presenting again in April on GWT and Google App Engine. Fun!